Note: 31    Date: 15/06/2017
IODA reviews.
I have received the following letter from Julian Kern Chief Finance Officer and Director of resources. "After careful consideration The Avon and Somerset Police pensions Authority has decided not to progress with their automatic review process of injury on duty awards.
This is consistent with a number of other forces and we will not recommence these reviews until such time as there is a change in legislation and guidance from the Home Office.
The Police pensions Authority will however continue to support and facilitate any reviews requested by a pensioner (in accordance with the relevant statutory framework) to enable injury on duty awards to be adjusted to reflect any change to the degree of disablement, or relevant earnings capacity in accordance with regulations.
We have written directly to those pensioners who are currently within the review process informing them of this decision"
The Chief Constable Andy Marsh has asked me to share this letter on the Bristol NARPO web site and I have reproduced the text as written.
Should any Branch member subject to an award wish to request a review as per the letter we will be pleased to assist and offer advice.
Note: 30    Date: 30/11/2016
Police Choir Christmas Concert.

The Police Choir annual Christmas Concert will take place at St Peters Church Henleaze on Friday 9th December commencing at 7pm. The choir will be joined by the popular ensemble Bold Brass for an evening of festive music and carols. The concert is in aid of the charity "COPS" Care of Police Survivors and tickets are priced at £5 children under 16 free. Tickets can be purchased on line at or from George Shemwell at 0117 9613162 or 07989 910787. A limited number will be available on the door. So come and get your Christmas started in company with friends and colleagues and support this worthy charity.
Note: 29    Date: 18/10/2016
ESA This does not apply to those not in receipt of an injury pension.
With reference to the recent letter from Peninsula Pensions. Please go to the National NARPO web site and on the home page on the right hand side you will find the heading Injury Pensions. Click on the heading and it will take you to the Injury Pensions section where you can find all the latest information on Deductible Benefits and in particular ESA. Any further questions you may have about this information should be directed to NARPO HQ. All deductible benefits are listed within the Police (Injury Benefit)Regulations 2006.(accessible on the NARPO web site) If you are in receipt of any of these benefits as described it is your responsibility to inform the Pensions Administrator. Any benefit already being deducted should be shown on your payslip in the first column as DB followed by the amount. If you were awarded a deductible benefit which has since been withdrawn and you did not inform the pensions provider you may still be getting it deducted. You need only inform the the pension provider of a deductible benefit, they are entitled to request this information, you need not give them authority to gain access to the whole of your DWP file. ESA as explained is not currently deductible and if you have been in receipt of the allowance since its introduction in 2008 and it has been deducted you will be entitled to a full rebate. Should you wish to speak directly with Peninsula ask for the Police Pensions Team from the main number 01392 383000.
I hope this assists.
Note: 28    Date: 02/10/2016
Employment Support Allowance and the letter from Peninsula. We are currently examining the implications of the Peninsula Letter and other information that we have received. Our advise currently is not to send the form back at this time whilst we are seeking to clarify the situation. We would hope to be in possession of some clearer information in the near future and we will share that with branch members as soon as we can. This does not of course prevent any member from sending a response if they wish as explained in note 27.
Note: 27    Date: 22/09/2016
Many, if not all, of you in receipt of an Injury On Duty Pension will have/are about to receive a letter and allowance questionnaire from Peninsular Pensions (Avon and Somerset Pension Administrators) in relation to the allowances you have/do receive.
The letter accompanying the questionnaire is anything but informative but from the enquires made it would appear that this is the first step in attempting to re-pay the over-taxation charged on the ESA since 2008. The matter was raised at the South-West Pension Board meeting today and, as a result, further enquires are being made by the Force of Peninsular. The letter also makes a point of saying you have 28 days in which to reply – this is not the case, it is a wish on the part of Peninsular, not a legal requirement.
We have sought advice from NARPO House and to date it is that you should collect together your papers which relate to the ESA payments you may have received in order to answer any questions but all other matters referred to on the questionnaire are irrelevant and you should NOT sign the over-arching authority for them to have carte blanch access to your DWP records.
As soon as we have further information on this we will issue further advice but at the end of the day you should be in receipt of a tax rebate if you have been in receipt of ESA.
Note: 26    Date: 18/09/2016
Earnings Support Allowance (ESA) HAVE YOU RECIEVED A LETTER AND QUESTIONAIRE Some of you may have received correspondence from Peninsula Pensions the Avon and Somerset Pension Provider. The letter does not make it clear but this is about a change in methods of payment by the Department of Work and Pensions. In 2008 the department changed invalidity/incapacity benefit to ESA on a rolling program however the change has not been amended in Police pension regs
to make it a deductible allowance.This means that if you were in receipt of ESA and had tax deducted you will be in line for a rebate. We were told that pensioners need do nothing as the rebate would automatically be paid. However now that Peninsula have sent out the letter and forms we would like to know why they want this information. We are in the process of seeking advise and will inform you as soon as possible of the result. PLEASE ALSO SE NOTE 23 AND 24
Note: 25    Date: 21/07/2016
There is a trip to London on Wednesday 17th August to visit the Grand Lodge where the organ has had a recent £1,000,000 refurbishment. Alison Howell a well known local organist and accompanist to the Police Choir is to give a lunchtime recital and a small group of choir members have organised a coach to go and listen. There are 4 + places available on the coach which we would like to fill, either to go to the recital or just to have a day in London. If anyone is interested please contact Roger Clark on the following number 07828452310 to obtain further details
Note: 24    Date: 30/06/2016
Please read note 23 first.

assured that they will now be putting this right from the centre and there is no need for individuals to make a claim. HOWEVER new regulations are due out soon! and will again make this a deductible allowance BUT IT WILL NOT HAVE A RETROSPECTIVE EFFECT.
The issue of the questionnaire included in the review package was again on the agenda and as an organization NARPO see the sense in such a document as long as it is reasonable and allows for some of the reviews to be carried out by the SMP on paper rather than having to call everyone in for a one to one review. (This of course will not prevent anyone asking for such a one to one review). The ‘Merseyside’ questionnaire was discussed but it was felt that some of the questions were not required, some were badly worded and required clarification and also that their system as a ‘whole package’ is not one we will look to follow in its’ entirety.
(Linda and I are now expecting more papers to read in relation to the Merseyside model however David Bullpit (FMA) seemed to be leaning more to following the system used by Northamptonshire so Linda will research)
Next Meeting Scheduled for 12th October 2016.
The meeting of the South West Police Pension Board due to Meet on the 16th June was postponed no new date set.
Any questions please contact me.
Note: 23    Date: 30/06/2016
This will be my first note since last year but updates have been given in the news letters.
The current IODA review position
35 reviews have now been started of which 13 are completed. (These 35 are made up of all three groups; those who have reached their anniversary review dates, those who have asked to be reviewed and the 2 batches of persons who had previously slipped through the net and the Force are now trying to re-integrate back into the system.)
Of the 2 who were from the original group chosen by the Force who have been deferred up until our last meeting,the group took notice of what we said and both of these have now moved on and are back in the system; one has seen the SMP and the report is awaited and the other is awaiting his date to see the SMP.
The rest have either been dealt with or are in the process we are monitoring progress and assisting where requests are made.
At our AGM and in a separate meeting I met with members of the IODPA and asked to let me have specific evidence or documentation to support any complaints they had about the system or individual reviews. I have received no such information.
The matter of ESA (Employment Support Allowance) was discussed at our last liaison meeting, and the fact that, whilst it replaced the old Incapacity Benefit which was deductible from any injury pension, the ESA award is not. The Force, along with many others, have been deducting this award prior to payment of IOD pensions but we are (continued on note 24)
Note: 22    Date: 20/12/2015
IOD Liaison Group Meeting 17th December 2015.
Attended by Robin Hobbs and Linda Gittings Avon and Somerset NARPO.
The current update regarding the group initially chosen for review was reported as:
9 completed
2 on hold awaiting further medical treatment
3 already with the force legal department and 1 about to be sent to them.
The initial letters to be sent out to IOD claimants informing them that they are to be reviewed are still a concern; the force legal department still wish for them to be in legal jargon whereas we feel they need to be in terms that will not cause even more upset and distress than the process itself. Included in these letters is an indication that any new skills acquired by the reviewee since being retired from the force as medically unfit to remain a Police Officer MUST be taken into account by the SMP. Our argument is that any new skills MAY be taken into account and it is for the SMP - WHO SHOULD BE COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT OF THE FORCE - to decide if such skills are relevant to the reviewees ability to earn. Our understanding is that for the next 8 reviews the version previously agreed with ourselves will be used, we are to be provided with copies of what the force will send out.
The proforma letters issued by the Occupational Health Department have been redrafted and, whilst it is now a much more user friendly/easy to understand letter, we have still asked for the wording to be re-jigged in order to ensure that it is clear you will be able to see your file.
Note: 21    Date: 20/12/2015
Continued from note 22
We challenged the right of the SMP to request medical records prior to the previous review or the initial medical retirement of the claimant with particular reference to the case of Laws v the PMBA. We will continue to pursue this.
8 more claimants have been chosen using an EXCEL random picker programme and letters should be sent out in January 2016 asking for them to engage in the process. If you receive such a letter and are a member of NARPO Bristol Branch, we would like to know, please contact me through Pat Gates the branch secretary. If you require it we can offer advice or assistance with the process.
It should be noted that awards should be expressed as a percentage. Our understanding of the Police Pension Regs. has always been that a percentage should be given but that these percentage figures go to make up 4 bands.
During the meeting it also came to light that the Force had appointed an ACPO member to carry out an internal review following a complaint from an IODA claimant, quite rightly, asking where was the duty of care when the process started 16 months ago and still to resolve many issues. Julian Kern promised to forward a copy of the review.
Attention was also drawn to the fact that Merseyside are carrying out reviews and have completed most of theirs on paper. We will be looking into this further.
Next meeting scheduled for March 2016.
Note: 20    Date: 09/12/2015
Since my last note in September we have witnessed the final act in the long saga of Nick Gargan. His resignation came not a moment too soon and now hopefully the service that we spent much of our lives in will be able to return to a degree of normality. The Bristol Branch in conjunction with the Avon and Somerset Branch produced an open letter which outlined our concerns, as interested private citizens, about the suitability of Mr Gargan to remain in post. We were not alone as the Police Federation, Unison, the Superintendents Association and the online petition organised by Lawrie Lewis, plus the three ex Chief Constables, all expressed similar sentiments. The action we took in support of our serving colleagues and support staff was greatly appreciated and I believe raised the profile of the local branches of NARPO showing that we are not all about social events and welfare. We do have a voice and a voice that is listened to which is important, as there will be further debates about the service that we may wish to express an opinion on.
We were all relieved that the Chancellor decided not to cut the police budget again but the service is still under financial pressure following the previous cuts. Who would have believed that it is possible that police constables could be made redundant at a time of so much uncertainty about public safety. It is suggested that the front line will be protected, but which front line and how far has it gone back in recent years. (Continued Below)
Note: 19    Date: 09/12/2015
Sir Robert Peel, the founder of the service, envisaged an organisation that was politically neutral a very important principle if the service is to retain the support and consent of the widest cross-section of the British Public. That position is slowly being eroded certainly at the management level. The Chief HMI is a civilian appointed by politicians, ACPO has been disbanded to make way for the National Police Chiefs Council, Police Commissioners have been introduced with the power to hire and fire Chief Constables and there are moves to introduce direct entry at senior management level for people who have never served in the junior ranks. Whist none of this can be seen as overtly political look deeper into the back ground and the level of political influence will be clear to see.
So what type of police service will we have in the future, will it be capable of delivering law enforcement across the entire spectrum of the citizens of the united kingdom without fear or favour?
I really don't know but I think as informed citizens we should at least be thinking about it and possibly looking to have an input into the debate.
Of course Bristol NARPO will still continue with its programme of social activities and welfare support but I would be interested in opinions of anyone from the branch with any thoughts on the issues raised.
Note: 18    Date: 17/09/2015
Commutation back payment.
Following a request for an update Paul Upham of the Police Federation has passed the following information.

I contacted David Morris from Peninsula Pensions this morning. There is a time frame they are aiming for but they are hopeful that the process will be completed well within that period. They hope to have all the calculations done by Xmas and all payments physically made by 31st March 2016.This is the worst scenario.
There is a “disclaimer” letter that needs to be sent out to all those ex officers effected. These have been printed and should all be sent out by the end of this week/beginning of next.
There are well over 550 officers involved and each one has to be calculated individually along with the interest payments. In addition they have a similar number of fire fighters that they are doing.
He says that there is updates on their website but accepts that it is not the easiest to find!
Our thanks to Paul for his assistance and we must now wait to see if Peninsular keep to the time schedule.
There is a raft of information on the National NARPO web site if you are interested in the details of how the claim was dealt with.
If you are a member of Bristol NARPO and need a specific question answered about your own circumstances please email me on or contact me by phone on 07774877813

Note: 17    Date: 14/09/2015
I.O.D. Liaison Group – Meeting 11th Sept. 2015
Various documents (most of the letters) have been re-worded in the hope that they will be more user friendly.
Legal advice is still being given to the Force which would indicate that all I.O.D. pensioners must be reviewed. HR has therefore decided that those chosen for review from the historic group of I.O.D. pensioners will be done on a purely random basis. The files will be forwarded to the FMO. He, will decide if a review is required based on the information contained in the file, and how that review will be carried out. He may also decide that on the information already on file that there is no need for a review. In which case he will note the reason on the file and decide on the interval before the next review. The person named in the file will be informed of the decision and the proposed date of next review. If the F.M.A. decides a review is necessary it could be done on paper or by way of interview with the SMP. The person will be informed of the outcome of a paper review and be given a date when the next review is to take place. This information will also be given following a personal interview with the SMP. Should there be any issues regarding the paper result there has to be a one to one with the S.M.P.
It has now been agreed that the start of the review the system will change in that questionnaires will not be sent out as a norm but will be used later (as above) if the need arises.
Note you can ask for a review at any time if you feel your circumstances have changed.
Note: 16    Date: 14/09/2015
Conference Chairman's View

After the administration the morning session was addressed by Sara Thornton the Head of the National Police Chiefs Council. She informed the conference that there was to be a further 45% reduction in the police budget from next April which would lead to a possible reduction of 22000 police officers across the country. She pointed out that there had been a further reduction in reported crime by 36000 and the public appeared to be accepting the reductions as there had been as she put it 'no hue and cry.' The council intended to facilitate these reduction in a way that would not alarm the public. When it was put to her that the public were already becoming concerned about the lack of police cover she said that the public had voted for a government with a manifesto on police reform and opinion poles showed that the police were way down the list of concerns. Well I was concerned when I recently read of the plan to recruit 7000 volunteers to supplement police patrols and give them powers of arrest.
There followed a debate on welfare with a number of speakers from various welfare organisations, including Andy Rhodes DCC of Lancs and National lead on Well Being and Engagement in Policing. The debate was to inform conference and the NEC to see how we could improve our approach to the welfare of retired police officers.
Note: 15    Date: 14/09/2015
The afternoon session dealt with motions to conference. Motion One standing in the name of the NEC was to update the rules of the association following legal advice. The main part of the changes altered certain membership categories in order that only retired police officers could be full members with voting and executive rights. There were a number of amendments proposed to the new rules that were debated mostly in respect of spouses, partners and widow/ers who would no longer be full members could not hold executive office or vote at conference. The debate lasted a considerable time with most amendments either withdrawn or lost. Due to this being a rule change a two thirds majority was required in order to win any proposition and there were a number of counts during the voting to ensure the numbers were correct. When it came to the main vote on the substantive motion the votes were counted as 199 in for and 101 against. The two thirds majority was therefore not achieved by one vote and the motion was lost.
The other substantial debate, Motion 3, centered around branch circular 33/14 declaring that as from conference 2015 non paying spouses would not be allowed to attend conference as delegates. The motion asked for the circular to be withdrawn but the vote went against the proposition and therefore the only delegates to conference would be full paying members.
Note: 14    Date: 27/08/2015
I.O.D. LIAISON GROUP MEETING 18th AUGUST 2015 Notes 14 and 13

This meeting,was intended to agree the various documents sent to IOD pensioners at the start of the process which were discussed at previous meetings
Unfortunately HR had not circulated the amended documents before the meeting and we were therefore unable to compare these to previous documents to check what amendments had been made and if we were in agreement.
The initial letter included amendments made on the advice of the Force Solicitor. The language, and therefore the impression given, does not mirror that used within the Regulations.
We did however agree, in principal, the ‘Guidance Document’ to be set out with one minor correction. We were told that everything we had agreed at the previous meeting had been included but we will double check before signing it off.
The ‘Questionnaire’, if it remains, is very much reduced but this will be discussed between the FMA and the SMP when he is next in Force later this month.
The issue of the final report by the SMP being sent out to the IOD prior to HR and the FMA having a report was discussed. The Forces thoughts are that each report will differ according to the role each department then plays in the process. i.e. HR assessing the work/ability to work options and the FMA assessing he medical impact of the injury.
Note: 13    Date: 27/08/2015
Continued from note 14
It was pointed out that if this is the case then openness and honesty about the 3 differing reports should be made known at the start of the process; and if a mistake has been made it could be picked up and sorted out here rather than at a medical appeal tribunal later down the line.
In fact both NARPO representatives present pressed, throughout the whole meeting, for honesty and openness to be the watchwords of the process from beginning to end.

It also became clear that the Force has 3 different lists of people being reviewed, each being independent of the other.
1. Those who were put on hold whilst the country at large tried to sort out a legal process for the reviews (The original 16)
2. Those who had been placed on the rolling programme according to the date/decision when they were last seen
3. Those who request a review.

Of the 3 groups the current position is that
Group 1
5 SMP reports are still awaited. 3 Certificates are awaited. 2 are out for legal advice. 4 are completed
Group 2
2 are at the stage of completing paperwork. 1 is thought suitable to be dealt with by way of a paper review. 1 is awaiting an SMP appointment.
Group 3
1 is awaiting an SMP appointment. 1 is out for legal advice. 1 is completed

There will be no further recall in the first group until the issues in the paperwork have been resolved. The next meeting is scheduled for the 11th September 2015
Note: 12    Date: 26/07/2016
Open Letter to the PCC Sue Mountstevens
Following on from the committee meeting on the 22nd July 2015 an open letter signed by myself and Rod Deane the Chairman of the Avon and Somerset Branch has been forwarded to the PCC. The letter can be viewed on the Avon and Somerset web site by going to links Avon and Somerset NARPO and selecting news. Also on that site you can click on the petition and sign it if you wish to.
Note: 11    Date: 23/07/2015
Branch Position on the Chief Constable

On the 22nd of July 2015 the committee of the Bristol NARPO Branch met for a scheduled meeting at the Cameron Centre in Lockleaze. The committee discussed the situation in respect of the Chief Constable of Avon and Somerset Constabulary Mr Nick Gargan. The committee were made aware that since the report of the outcome and recommendations of the recent Independent Panel of Enquiry the Branch Chairman Robin Hobbs had been in consultation with the chairman of The Avon and Somerset Branch and the Secretary of the Avon and Somerset Joint Branch Board. The committee were also made aware of the on line petition protesting against the possible reinstatement of the Chief Constable and an open letter which had been presented to the PCC Sue Mounstevens by the JBB just prior to the commencement of our meeting. Members of the committee made their views known and discussed comments made by others with whom they had spoken both serving and retired officers and members of the public. Following the discussion the committee agreed the following:-

Unreserved endorsement of the Open Letter published by the Avon and Somerset Joint Branch Board. This letter can be viewed on the Federation web page at
Note: 10    Date: 23/07/2015
Branch position continued,

We encourage anyone to exercise their democratic rights by viewing the petition on the following link and signing it if they are in agreement.

Jointly with the Avon and Somerset Branch, and in similar vein to the JBB letter, express our views to the PCC and emphasise the concerns being raised by our members and members of the public.

We recognise that at this time there is no published full report of the hearing by the Independent Panel of Enquiry and reserve the right to make further comment on its final publication.
Note: 9    Date: 03/07/2015
Joint Report from Narpo Bristol and Avon and Somerset. Meeting with Acting Chief Constable re IODA
Page 1
Following many busy months of activity involving both the Avon and Somerset Branch and the Bristol Branch of Narpo, and the many inquiries that have been generated by the commencement of the Injury on Duty Award Review Process, the two Chairman of our local branches Rod Deane and Robin Hobbs, recently requested a meeting with the Acting Chief Constable John Long, (the relevant pensions authority), so that they could seek answers and reassurance about the implications of the policy as implemented by the Force.
The meeting took place on 2nd July and was comprehensive and frank, with emphasis placed on those aspects which are causing the greatest concern to those Narpo members currently under review.
These included the current policies operated by the HR Department at HQ, the interpretations placed on the various policies and regulations by the Force Medical Officer and the Selected Independent Medical Practitioner, and the seeming lack of, or unnecessarily slow communication of information about the outcomes of reviews back to the individuals.
Mr Long listened to our submissions, and undertook to carry out a number of actions, which, hopefully, will clarify the immediate position and improve the information being made available to the two branches in order that we can properly advise our members about the procedures and what they might reasonably expect to encounter when they are subjected to the Review process.
Note: 8    Date: 03/07/2015
Joint report Part 2
Mr Long accepted that there had been problems created by past actions and poor management and a failure to actively pursue the review process, prior to the current program, which will have to be overcome, but there is now a firm intent to pursue what he considers to be his legal obligation to do so. He is anxious to put a clear, understandable, and fair system into place, so that future reviews can be conducted without undue complication. From a Branch point of view, the two chairman undertook to fully circulate, as far as possible, any information which was released so that those affected could be properly informed of the progress.
This matter clearly has not been concluded, and there are many aspects still to be resolved, but it is the hope of both Branch Executive Committees that the frank exchange between the Acting Chief Constable and our two chairman today will lead to greater clarification and understanding as the review process continues to be implemented.
Members can be reassured that both Branches have their best interests in mind and intend to fully support those members who are currently the subject of unresolved reviews, but, we receive no personal information from the force and are reliant on members to inform either a Narpo Executive Committee member or Police Federation representative if they need support or advice.
For the future it is our intention to remain within the liaison group where we believe we are best placed to influence what appears likely to be a lengthy process.

Note: 7    Date: 17/06/2015
IOD Liaison Group Meeting 16th June 2015
Matters discussed were the actions points from the previous meeting. One item was in relation to the letter sent to the Police Pension Authority, the Acting Chief Constable, by the Secretary of the Avon and Somerset NARPO, on behalf of both local branches, The reply came from Mr. J. Kearne the Chief Finance Officer .We pointed out to the HR representatives present that the letter received from Mr. Kearne failed to answer the questions posed and was in fact an insult to the intelligence of previous member of the Force.
HR reported that they now have one instance where they consider there is a ‘failure to engage’ with the process by one of the pensioner under review, this is being looked at by their legal department. If this person is a member of NARPO we would urge them to make contact with their relevant branch.
We pointed out that we consider there are a number of cases that the Force is failing to finalize for which we have no logical explanation.
We have asked the HR department to point out, in the initial letter sent to retired officers, that the Police Federation or NARPO do not receive any details of retired officers to be reviewed. Therefore if members wish to have any assistance they need to make contact with one or both of the representative bodies.
There were more discussions around the forms and information sent out to pensioners at the beginning of the review process. It was a great shame that the Force Medical Officer was not at the meeting to explain his thinking process behind some of the issues.
Note: 6    Date: 12/06/2015
Would you like to:
 Learn more about the world wide web
 Get the most from your SMART phone,
tablet, laptop or computer
 Make better use of the internet and
learn how to pay your council tax or buy tickets on-line
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The training session is on 28 July, 2015. If you are interested arrive at HQ around 9.15am ready for a 9.30am start, that would be good. A buffet lunch is being arranged and then after lunch you can either go back to the classroom if you want to learn more, or have a tour around HQ. You will obviously need some form of ID to be allowed on the site. If you haven’t then let me know and I’ll ensure Security is aware of your attendance.

Interested? Then contact Karen Lyle for more details by e-mail
( or telephone 0117 9565461
Note: 5    Date: 12/06/2015
On the home page and in the Gallery section of the web site we have published a number of photos. Sadly they are without text to identify people, dates or locations. If you can supply any of these details please make a note of the division and picture ie. A div 1st 2nd 3rd working down the selection from left to right and send it to me via the email address or let me have the details at the next branch meeting. If you have any pictures that would be of interest to the rest of the branch why not bring copies to the next branch meeting or send them to Pat Gates for my attention and we will see if we can use them in the gallery.
Note: 4    Date: 12/06/2015
Policing History.
Following the inaugural meeting of the Force History Group Paul Lacey, who is involved also with the impending Open Day on 13th September, asked if we could get involved in the attempt to sort out what the Force holds by way of memorabilia items in store at Clevedon. There is quite a mass of items which need sorting and cataloging.
It has to be said that what is held at Clevedon is nowhere near the whole picture as there are many items held, some on display and much not, at Headquarters and in other locations across the Force. It is suspected that there are items held in Bath and Taunton and in local authority premises as well. Formulating a full inventory of what there is of our collective history will, indeed, be a mammoth task.
Paul Lacey directed this request at the Avon and Somerset Branch but I suspect that there will be a considerable amount of memorabilia relative to the old Bristol Constabulary. It is important that our history is not lost so if there is anyone in the Bristol Branch who may be interested in helping please contact either myself or David Leach via the Avon and Somerset NARPO Web Page.

Note: 3    Date: 12/06/2015
NARPO access to Support.
Ben White, John Vickery and Myself recently attended this briefing. All of the agencies shown below can be contacted independently or through Pat Gates Myself or the National Office.
NATIONAL POLICE CHAPLAINCY :- Non denominational support for serving and retired Police Officers, a listening ear.
ALZHEIMER'S SOCIETY:- Support and advice for all types of dementia carers and sufferers.
PENSIONS:- Advice on all Police and DSS pension issues both on the NARPO national web site or through Steve Edwards at NARPO HQ.
WORDSHOP:- An independent organisation offering advice and assistance with all types of benefits and credits, (not tax). Can only be contacted by email or post and will only supply responses in hard copy. Suggest contacting through NARPO National Office.
POLICE MUTUAL PMAS:- Savings and Investments, Mortgages, Insurance (Roland Smith), Financial Advice, Funeral Cover. Serving and retired officers and families.
LINDER MYERS:- If you do not have an up to date Will or Lasting Power of Attorney ACT NOW. Special packages available tailored to suit all needs. Court of Protection is extremely expensive and once incapacity has occurred it is too late to make sure your wishes and financial management are catered for.
POLICE DEPENDENTS TRUST:- Provide support for officers injured or families of those who have lost their lives on duty. They have assisted around 7000 officers and their families since 1966 and would welcome donations and bequests to support their work.
Note: 2    Date: 12/06/2015
I.O.D. Liaison Group Meeting 12th May 2015.
It is fair to say that during todays meeting both NARPO member present expressed their frustration, on behalf of the membership at the time it is taking to deal with those persons currently undergoing this process. Of the original 16 IOD reviews the Force was dealing with we are told that still only 3 are completed and of the others
1 has yet to engage in the process, although they are talking to the Force about it
4 are at the stage of having recently been seen by the SMP
4 others have had their SMP reports written and these are out for consultation
2 retired officers have, for differing reasons, agreed to a deferment of decision.
The Force has taken legal advice with regard to the documentation they were sending out and the revised versions of these have now come to NARPO and the Police Federation for consultation. This consultation meeting should take place within the month. Scheduled for 16th June 2015
During this same period the Force will be looking at the next group to be called for review. It has been decided that this group will now form the basis of what will become the general practice for the coming years and they will be looking to call the 8 individuals who have been in receipt of an IOD award the longest. (They have been made aware of the case of Hughes v West Yorkshire Police with regard to the effect this may have on individuals). This is the basis of how reviews were done for many years and the Force believed this worked and therefore wish to return to this way of dealing with the issue.
Note: 1    Date: 12/06/2015
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